After working as a woodturner for over 20 years, and running a business along with my wife, dedicated to woodturning and woodturning supplies, we finally retired at the end of June 2014 and sold the business. I along with my wife Rosie ran the Ullapool Woodturning Centre in the North West of Scotland.

One aspect of the business that gave us a great deal of satisfaction was the teaching side of the business, it was good to see a complete novice or indeed an amateur woodturner develop as the lessons progressed, some of whom later turned professional themselves, this was particularly exciting for us knowing that we had developed their enthusiasm.

The reason for this web site is to further promote the art of woodturning, not as a business any more but as a way of imparting our knowledge on the subject of woodturning. We hope this series of tutorials will be helpful to anyone wishing to take up woodturning or to develop their skills further. I have selected a few items that I will take you through on a step by step basis, starting with some very basic items, all of which will give you the confidence to progress to some of the more challenging items later in the series.

One of the first questions I get asked is, what do I need to get started? and that’s usually followed by, and is it expensive? Let’s deal with the first of those questions, I have set out a page just dealing with what I consider the absolute necessities required to do justice to the art of woodturning. There are many other items that you may find you want as your competence level increases or if you develop a particular interest in any one type of woodturning project, all of these items can be purchased as the need occurs.




A view of our house in Lochbroom.






My workshop and wood store.






The village of Ullapool as seen from Corry Point.




Another view of Ullapool looking South East.




Now that you have seen where I live I will take you on to the next stage, discussing what’s required to do woodturning, the tools and equipment.

Introduction                                                                  Tools